The Kevin Klemm Studio is where you can get reliable, consistent lessons throughout many disciplines.
What you will get is a unique experience tailored to you or your child’s specific needs as a musician, artist, and entrepreneur.

Kevin is a professionally trained musician with a graduate degree from the University of Denver, years of performance experience as a classical and jazz pianist, choir accompanist, drummer in rock and jazz groups, church vocal director, and singer in various musicals and rock bands.

"I have been taking drum lessons with Kevin for a little bit over 2 years now. We've focused on different styles and I learn something new every lesson we have. We focus a lot on technique and improving my skills overall. Every lesson is engaging and really enjoyable. Everything I know about drumming I have learned from him. He is just overall a great teacher, very friendly and scheduling lessons or paying for them is very easy. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to improve or learn piano, drums, or voice to look into this studio!"

• David S., Student •

"Kevin is a talented and patient piano teacher.  He makes learning fun!  My son has gone from learning the fundamentals of piano to truly enjoying playing the piano.  We are so grateful we found him!"

• Mary P., Parent •

"Kevin taught both of my boys — one drums and both piano. They are accomplished musicians now and Kevin was a huge part of that. Kevin is super talented and yet great with kids. I have heard him perform publicly many times and he is wonderful to listen to.

• Dave S., Parent •

"Kevin is a great teacher! Teddy is actually learning how to read music now and not just play notes on the piano! He is also learning how to improvise."

• Todd W., Parent •

"I thoroughly enjoyed my two year piano lesson experience with Kevin. He was an encouraging and engaging teacher who taught me to love music first, and piano second."

• Grace W., Student •

"My son is enjoying taking lessons with Kevin. His sight reading and music theory are improving and Kevin works with him on pieces that my son helps choose, which adds to his enjoyment of his music."

• Jennifer S., Parent •


4848 South Lincoln St.
Englewood, CO 80113